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It’s time to welcome the newest Cosplay Survival Kit tea blend! Dragon Con is over, and I know a lot of my friends are suffering the dreaded Con Crud. So I made up this post-con blend that includes several ingredients commonly used to soothe illnesses.

Attack of the Con Crud: So it’s a day or two after the con, and you’re not quite feeling right. Oh no… not the Con Crud! This blend can help soothe that sore throat and tame your cough.

The flavonoids in green tea can help reduce inflammation, while chamomile and peppermint include vitamins to help you start feeling more like yourself. Clove numbs scratchy throats, while lemon and a hint of ginger help clear the sinuses and calm upset stomachs. Add a dollop of honey for the perfect soothing tea. Plus, it’s decaffeinated so you can even drink it before snuggling up to take a nap.

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